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Driving ROI to your web site is what we do best. As a Google Premier Partner, we specialize in strategy, implementation, measurement and reporting of search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), display, video and mobile advertising; and of course, social media marketing. In an industry that is always evolving, we take the mystery out of the medium. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Rise to the top of search results & stay there!

What’s the ultimate goal of launching a web site? 1) You want it to be found online 2) You want it to generate leads, sales etc. You can’t have 2 without 1. This is where we come in. SEO is the art and science behind strong rankings in organic search results (free listings). At Bloom, SEO is our bread and butter. We have the technical know-how and content development skills to get your web site to the top of search results and keep it there. Learn more

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We love SEM and you will too, once you see the ROI!

Want to reach a targeted and high quality audience online?! A search engine marketing (SEM) campaign is the ultimate tool for easy, cost-effective, measurable and targeted online advertising. No matter how large or small your budget, a search engine marketing program such as Google Ads or Bing Ads is an essential part of your media mix. Bloom consultants have managed hundreds of search marketing campaigns in a variety of industries. Learn more

Display, Video & Mobile Advertising

Online media buying has never been easier!

    Google’s Display Network is the largest ad network out there. It includes 94% of web sites, videos and apps!  There is no other ad network on the net with this much reach, targeting options (age, gender, geography, remarketing, programmatic and behavioural), flexibility and track-ability. Whether you want to reach your audience via display, video or mobile advertising, we can put together the right strategy to help you reach your display advertising goals. Learn more

Web Site Analytics

The beauty of online is that everything is trackable and measurable.

 Gone are the days of guessing how an ad buy did or where your customers are coming from. With free tools such as Google Analytics, all the data you need about your audience, your web site and online campaigns is at your fingertips. Whether you have a small brochure site or a complex e-commerce site, the pros at Bloom Digital can set up your web analytics environment, and create reports and dashboards that make sense for your business goals.

Local Search Optimization

Be upfront and centre when your audience is searching for your local business.

 Search engines are how people find local businesses, check credibility and get business information such as hours, phone number and more. If you are a local business, a Google My Business and a Bing Local listings can be your most valuable online marketing tool. Our local optimization experts, can help you set up your local listings and get the most out of them! Learn more

Online Reputation Management

Is your good name being dragged through the mud online?

 Whether it’s a case of mistaken identity or a bad decision that’s haunting you, negative comments online can hurt; not only your ego but your personal and business opportunities. At Bloom Digital, your online reputation matters to us. We have the skills to push down negative comments in search results so you can shine online once again. Learn more

Social Media Marketing

The new word of mouth.

It’s a fact…people are far more likely to trust the recommendation or opinion of a peer over an advertisement! Web sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube are in essence the new word of mouth. They provide several promotional opportunities that enable you to communicate with customers, prospects, partners and suppliers in a more interactive and cost-effective manner. We’d love to explore your social media opportunities for you. Learn more

Content Development

Content is the cornerstone of web site success.

 High quality, engaging and relevant web site content is the key to success in search engines! A huge part of SEO is the inclusion of the target keywords into the natural flow of your web site copy. This requires a writer that’s experienced in both SEO and copywriting – and you can find this unique combination of skills at Bloom! Learn more

We are fluent in Spanish!

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El marketing por Internet consiste en la promoción de productos o servicios a través de un sitio Web en los Motores de Búsqueda, maximizando el ranking en los listados orgánicos y en los listados pagados. Se realiza a través de dos enfoques distintos, la optimización de sitios web (SEO – Search Engine Optimization) y los anuncios pagados (PPC – Pago Por Clíck). Learn more

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