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The 10 most effective DIY SEO Tactics for the Small Business Owner

Even if you don’t have a budget to hire a pro to make the most of your website, we have put together a list of tasks you can do yourself to take your Internet marketing to the next level.

The tasks are:

  • Title tags: At the very top of your browser window lies you page title, if you don’t have a custom title there is normally defaults to “Internet Explorer” or something like “Home” this is one of the most important parts on your website, it is like your presentation card to search engines. It should describe your product or service in 10 words or less.
  • Have text on every page. Although search engines have come along way on how well they index images and flash content, they crawl and index text better than anything else. Try to have at least 250 words of text on your most important pages.
  • Have a sitemap. A sitemap is just a directory of your website, both users and search engines find they very useful and you will receive their loyalty in return!
  • Use specific terms to describe your services. Keep in mind the immensity of the web, stay away from general terms when describing your products or services, include the geographical area tat you serve if possible. For example, if you sell wooden children’s toys and you only ship within California, it would be wise to describe your product like this: “California Wooden Children’s Toys”
  • Stay away from 100% flash websites. These days search engines can index websites made in flash; however, they still have a hard time reading text within the flash movie. It is perfectly OK to have some flash content, but having a combination of text and flash will bring you the best results.
  • Create a Local Business Listing. Google, Yahoo and Bing allow you to create a free local business listing, the importance of having these listings is that they are displayed prominently on search results pages when a user searches for your products.
  • The URL’s where you can create these listings are:

    Google –
    Yahoo –
    Bing –

  • Get listed on Yellow Pages and Yelp. You can also get free listings on the Yellow pages and on Yelp, these listings help you with your rankings and they can also send you visitors directly, make sure that you create your listing with complete information about your business, try adding pictures, hours, coupons, etc.
  • Ask you suppliers to link to you. Search engines count every link pointing to your website as a vote, the more links that your website has pointing at it the better. Ask your clients and supplier to place links on their website pointing to yours.
  • Use Social Bookmarking. In the old days, everyone would save their bookmarks on their own computer, in these days of cloud computing a lot of people are using online services to store and share their bookmarks, besides being very convenient to have your bookmarks available on every computer you use, by sharing your bookmarks you can attract visitors to your website that would have not heard about your company otherwise. Some of the most popular services of this kind are: Delicious, Mr. Wong, Propeller, StumbleUpon, etc.
  • Open a Twitter an Facebook account. Unless you have been in outer space in recent months, you probably heard about the social media craze that is taking the Internet by storm. Even if you don’t have time to update your accounts, it is wise to at least open a Facebook and a Twitter account under your company name, otherwise you risk having an impersonator open accounts with your name.
  • And remember, Bloom Marketing SEO specialists are here to help. Contact us for more information about our services and fees.