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Developing incoming links for SEO. It’s a painful task but somebody’s gotta do it.

Incoming links to a web site are vital to SEO. The more incoming links the better because each incoming link is like a vote for your site. The more votes, the more Google will like you and give you better rankings in organic results.

Getting incoming links is a daunting task especially because they must be links from high quality web sites. Stay away from link farms or any so called SEO Specialist that claims to be able to get you hundreds of incoming links for just $299!

So what can you do to get quick and high quality links to your web site? Try Content Sharing sites and Social Bookmarking sites.

First create an article that includes keywords that you want to rank well for. This article should be informational rather than an advertorial for your business and at least 250 words. Create hyperlinks back to your web site within the content. Then create a few different versions of this same article by moving around paragraphs, sentences, changing the headlines etc. The purpose of this is to avoid duplicate content issues. Search engines won’t index content that they deem to be duplicate content.

Second, submit the articles to content sharing sites such as, etc. Then once you have create a login on the varous sites, posted your article and a link has been created on the content sharing site, submit the links to social bookmarking sites such as Delicious, Digg and hundred of others.

This is an extremely powerful way to create high quality incoming links to your web site and boost your rankings in organic search results. The only drawback is that it is extremely time consuming and if you are not an SEO geek you may find it to be the most excruciating task of your life….and thus conveniently never get around to doing it.

Link development via content sharing, social bookmarking etc is one of the areas we specialize in. We are SEO geeks and rather enjoy it so let us know if you need help in this or any other area of SEO.