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Did you see the lights over False Creek last night?

You can control the Searchlights that are lighting up the night sky over Vancouver during the 2010 Winter Olympics! This is for real….keep reading.

As part of the Cultural Olympiad, a massive light sculpture consisting of 20 10 kilowatt xenon robotic searchlights installed on either side of the entrance to False Creek in downtown Vancouver will be on display. The sculpture itself, known as the Vectorial Elevation, is controlled by us the public.

We can submit designs via a slick web site found at http://www.vectorialvancouver.net/home.html . You craft instructions (very easy to do) that position the 20 spot lights, preview the display as a 3D Google maps model complete with all of downtown Vancouver, and then submit the instructions to an Internet connected server that controls the lights. You might need to wait an hour or so for your work to occur but when it does you can watch the process on four live web cams sprinkled around English Bay.