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Nearly 50% of traffic from organic search – how does your site stack up?

As SEO and SEM consultants, we here at Bloom Digital are often asked by our clients how their web sites percentage of traffic from organic search stacks up to competitors. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, as many factors such as channel spend, product/ service type, branding etc. can have an influence. That said, we do believe that it is helpful to site owners to understand where their traffic distribution fits relative to others in their industry.

In a recent study by, it was discovered that on average nearly half of all site traffic originated from organic search.

Here is a chart that illustrates average traffic distribution by source.











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Google Social Search is here

At the end of January 2010, Google launched Social Search. To access that option, click Show Options, then click Social. Here’s a demo on YouTube:

Basically your Google Social Search results are customized for you based on your Google Profile. Add people to your Social Circle in order to personalize your social content. To set up your profile, go to