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The Art of Creating Awesome Display Ads

Creating great display ads is challenging. Lately we’ve seen a lot of clients that have strong brands but simply cannot deliver effective display ads. You can have a very well optimized Google Display Network campaign or other online display campaign, but if the display ads don’t measure up, chances are the campaign will not perform to its full potential.

Google offers a great list of tips for creating effective display ads. Click here to access the tips.

Clicks vs. Visits – What’s the diff?

A very common question we get from clients is why do Google Analytics and Google Adwords report different traffic data for our campaign? The short answer is:

Google Analytics reports ‘visits’. A ‘visit’ is a 30-minute session on your site. Google Adwords reports ‘clicks’. One person can click on your Adwords ads 3 times during a 30 minute session. So that would report as 3 clicks in Google Adwords, but only 1 visit in Google Analytics.

Here is a link to a very useful Google Support article that will explain this common issue further….

Join Us at Google Inspire Event in Vancouver – July 23, 2013

Google Partners Inspire comes to Vancouver! And they are offering a full-day conference at no cost to Bloom Digital Marketing clients. Our very own Carlos Obregon will be speaking at the event. Here is the invitation direct from Google!

Today your customers are online more than ever before. Do you have a digital marketing strategy in place to help them find you?

On July 23rd, Google Partners Inspire brings together Google product experts with our top marketing partners in Vancouver to teach you how to get the most out of the web. You are invited to join us at this exclusive event designed to bring digital to your fingertips. Our experts will show you how consumers are searching online and simple ways to use digital tools to achieve your marketing goals. There will also be the opportunity to meet directly with Google representatives as well as top local agencies.

Date: July 23, 2013
Time: 9am – 5pm
Location: Rosewood Hotel Georgia
801 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6C 3L2, Canada

RSVP + link (

We hope to see you there!

Nearly 50% of traffic from organic search – how does your site stack up?

As SEO and SEM consultants, we here at Bloom Digital are often asked by our clients how their web sites percentage of traffic from organic search stacks up to competitors. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, as many factors such as channel spend, product/ service type, branding etc. can have an influence. That said, we do believe that it is helpful to site owners to understand where their traffic distribution fits relative to others in their industry.

In a recent study by, it was discovered that on average nearly half of all site traffic originated from organic search.

Here is a chart that illustrates average traffic distribution by source.











For the full article, feel free to visit

Importance of proper server status codes

One common issue we find when doing SEO audits of web sites is that the incorrect server status codes are used; and there are too many redirects or the wrong redirect types are used. It may seem simple enough, but it is surprises what a different server status codes can make to a web sites overall health in search engines. There are a few rules of thumb to keep in mind:

  1. Only one version of your web site should have a 200 Web Site Found server status, otherwise it can lead to duplicate content issues. i.e. has a server status of 200, while (note: no www.) has a server status of 301 (moved permanently).
  2. When redirecting pages within a site, use 301 permanent redirects. This will enable you to pass on the link equity to the new page.
  3. Try not to use 302 temporary redirects. It does not pass on link equity to the new page in most cases. Read more about 301 vs 302 server statuses on (SEOMOZ blog, June 18, 2013).
  4. When you take down a page, always add a 404 page not found server status to the URL. Otherwise search engines may think the page still exists somewhere and it’ll contaminate the index of your web site.

Have no idea what your server status codes are? Go to and enter your URL.


5 Web Sites Capture 20% of all Search Activity

Here are some intriguing facts from the 2013 Digital Marketer Report:

Five Websites captured 20 percent of all search activity in Q4 2012, while the top 500 captured nearly 50 percent. Expansion to the top 1,000 Websites reached nearly 75 percent, highlighting the challenges for marketers to reach potential customers through search, even for those with a large Web presence.

Here are the top 5 web sites to capture search clicks.

Websites Domain Q4 2012 – share of search clicks
Facebook 8.48%
YouTube 5.55%
Yahoo! 2.63%
Wikipedia 2.01% 1.40%

Source: Experian Marketing Services’ Hitwise

It goes without saying… In 2013 and beyond, marketers will have to work even harder to gain and maintain position in organic search results. They’ll also need to spend more effectively on paid search ads by knowing how their target customers use search, and by applying insight into their behaviors and attitudes to plan and execute better content and campaigns.

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