Canadian YouTube Stats

Canadian YouTube Stats

It is no secret that Canadians love YouTube. Whether people like to watch cat videos or do it yourself instructional videos, the fact is that Canadians spend a lot of time on YouTube.

In fact, YouTube reaches close to 85% of online Canadians every single month:









But what about TV viewing in Canada vs YouTube?

50% of Canadians actually watch YouTube on their TV screens, thanks to Smart TV’s, Roku, Apple TV and similar devices that allow YouTube videos on your TV.

But traditional broadcast TV is also widely watched on YouTube. Just in the last 3 years, there has been a 400% growth in broadcast TV watch time on YouTube.








Canadians also love YouTube ads, in fact, 95% of YouTube ads are watched with the sound on. If you think that YouTube ads are only for large corporations, think again. Small and medium businesses can advertise on YouTube with smaller budgets, you can create a video ad with just a few images and text. No need to hire Mr. Spielberg to shoot your ad!

And what about the cost of advertising on YouTube? Our clients are typically paying under 20 cents per view. Feel free to contact us for a no obligation consultation! We don’t bite 🙂



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